That Ten Mile Bike Ride

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In case anyone is curious about the sessions I post incessantly from Runtastic Road Bike, I’ve finally gotten around to assembling the GoPro video I shot while riding this route over a year ago. The session lasts around an hour, and I certainly won’t have my feelings hurt if you don’t sit and watch the whole thing, but I want to point out a few interesting stretches.

Typically, I start out from my home for this ride. As I bike down the driveway, Runtastic is calling out the countdown and Kate Bush is sending me on my way.

At 1:55, I ride past a couple of cool neighbors.

At 3:00, I cycle past my son’s elementary school.

In the year since I shot this video, the road from 15:55 to 19:20 has been recently re-paved, and marked with the sharrow icons that we learned about on Sez You last weekend. I don’t miss the giant gouges, ruts, and cracks that made this steep downhill dash so nerve-wracking.

The Big Dam Bridge makes an appearance at 19:50. If it’s a nice day or I’m feeling energetic, I’ll cross it, because the riding on the North Little Rock side is amazing.

At around 27:10, I reach the Rebsamen Golf Course. I adore this stretch of the trail! The golf course and the bluffs across the river are gorgeous.

37:55 begins the long slow climb behind Allsopp Park. Although it’s a beautiful canopied stretch of trail, it’s also a rather tortuous climb that leaves me huffing and puffing every single time. It’s finally over at around 42:00.

At 44:00, I’m riding down Kavanaugh Boulevard near the Allsopp Promenade. So peaceful and pleasant.

44:36 sees me turning right and dashing down a small hill into a picturesque Hillcrest neighborhood, and then climbing. And climbing. And climbing some more. I always breathe a sigh of relief when I get to the stop sign at 48:07, because it means I have a nice long downhill stretch from there!

53:30: Thank you, Fleet Foxes, for bringing me back home.