I Think This Space Is Mostly Filler

2016-05-16 13.25.05
ABOVE: The site is newer, but the face is older and grayer.

I’ve migrated my site from my old host that I signed up for 10 years ago. How 10 years ago was it? Their banner, which they haven’t changed in all the time I was with them, declares they’re giving away “a free Xbox” for referrals. Not an Xbox One, or even an Xbox 360. The original Xbox. Their hosting tools are similarly antiquities, having caught up with that promotion precisely never.

I’ve been dabbling with WordPress and other publishing tools lately. I wanted something like that for dub273.com; while I actually enjoy digging into HTML code and designing style sheets, I’m also happy to just sit down and type and hit ctrl+B to make something bold on my site, or ctrl+I to italicize, or drop in a photo and just type a caption.

And the good thing is, if I want to, I can still get into the HTML and the CSS and tinker around. Everybody wins!

Except, of course, for Microsoft Outlook, which is a loser. Loser McLosington. It’s a loser at life, and a loser of data. Things Outlook has lost for me in the past twenty four hours: e-mails, folders, exported messages, time, and patience. I am currently researching the fictional Dothraki language so that I can invent a curse that conveys how much I loathe Outlook.

Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by. I hope this space becomes at least a little interesting.